News of about the site july 2016

Not much has happended with this site except updating to latest Joomla version of 3.6.0. But this will change now, when i have time to update the site to its starting look. Later this week it will look nice and much more usable.


New template for the website

A new template for the website has been created, and a cleanup of the information on website. Of course it's a not a fixed schedule but hopefully there will be reasonably good content at the end of the year and that the new template is reasonably complete.


HSM Triton

In the forum Model Ship World there came up a message too launch what it calls an Online Build. A sort of virtual gathering where students build a the same model. The model that was selected was an unknown English frigate by the name HMS Triton 1773-1796. The year is important for the British Navy has a tradition of reusing names. For example, there is a Triton, built in 1798, which is very much better known ship.

The building is divided into two phases, the first phase builds a section of the ship. In the second phase builds the whole ship. In both cases the Group is building directly from the drawings. In English this is called an "Scratch Build".

To read the whole article, press the link below:
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US Brig Syren 1804

The construction of this brig is a building that is a scratch built. Syren is an American 24 gun swift-sailing ship, and the it is armed with carronades.

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Bild på lådan till Vasa modell från IGRAThe very first wooden model that I started to build, was a Vasa model from a company called IGRA. The company no longer manufactures ship models, but only toy cars of all types. The first thing I did was to produce drawings to model and realize that this will be a bit difficult to build. But one challenge will be a challenge. Cannons and sculptures are made of plastic, and it felt a bit crude. A whole pile of wood for frames and more. Wire and linen cloth for sails.
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